WET KISS, 2012, Plush, poly-fil, silicone

5.5 x 5.5 x 1.75″


Jaz Harold

Jaz Harold is a New York / Tokyo based fine artist. She gave me some inspirations of doing artworks about sex and pornography. Unlike the wildness and exaggeration in Western culture, Jaz Harold showed the sex in Japanese culture with juxtaposing the innocence and pornography in her work. She used the fluffy material in contrast with the glossy material, reminiscent of teen girls like pink cherry blossoms. The colour of the lifelike lips is tender and fresh, giving views a lovely but strange, while a sense of extreme pornography.

Sewn Drawings by Jessica Wohl
Jessica Wohl uses sewing and glueing to conceal the character on photos and just leaving the sickly smelling on their faces, and to create a sense of uncomfortable or weird. In the statement of her personal website, she said we are not perfect. “My work explores the physical and psychological implications of relationships, policies and domestic artefacts on our society’s obsession with, and definition of, the American Dream.”
I am deeply sympathetic with her voice. This semester I began to do some work related to my peers’ values because I found that many people around me had no way to stick to their perceptions of the world and their values are subtly influenced by media, business and politics. Everyone is trying to show a perfect, money worship, rich middle-class state. Jessica Wohl’s work shows a confrontation against this fake perfect.

“Heart to Mouth”, Bart Hess, video art

This piece of video art is reminiscent of the rubber clothing and the game “suffocation” in the SM culture. The actors’ headgears are inflatable red rubber balloons and making they looked as aliens. Their sharp nails seem will puncture the ball at any time. The actors wear barely underwear and kissing each other through the rubber. The whole film is shooting at higher-than-normal frame rates. The slow motion renders the pornographic atmosphere. All the elements, red balloons, flesh, golden nails, sound effects, making people feel a kind of voluptuous form, weird, precarious and heavy burden.


This is a painting about a quadrilateral shadow on a wall in a vacant space, which has the colourful gradient from white to black. LEE UFAN’s work belongs to a typical Oriental aesthetics with minimalist style. It brings viewers the feeling of calm, restraint, and try to make the audience focus on the original beauty of things. His works have given me the guidance on cultural cognition, so that I can keep the sense Oriental identity with my artwork.




One Hundred Live and Die, Bruce Nauman, 1984


This artwork is showing one hundred sentences composed by one hundred activities about ‘live and die ‘. The sentences made by colourful light tube and have same fonts but different colours. All sentences align in a right-aligned form so looked is not disorder.

The Psychedelic light tube makes the whole work having visual stimulation, reminiscent of the bar, red light district, drunken live in dreams, spend days to wine and the life attitude with happy first.

ABOUT LOVE, Ellen Bell

The artist uses text about “Love”, cutting from dictionaries and novels, to paste on a paper and creating a new context. It’s like a real article: it has grammar and using punctuation. I love the dense structure and clean, tidy visual effect of this artwork because it is showing the emotion about careful, fragile, painstakingly precise manner.

 Dandelion, Isabelle Chapuis, 2013-2014, photography

This photography is one of the series Dandelion from Isabelle Chapuis. His original idea is creating a ” fragile dream scene”. Actually, other pics of this series are dreaming indeed. Only this pic made me feel the dandelion which on the skin is like mould or fungi. The soft skin is in contrast with the texture of dandelion.

Sterling Ruby (born 1972) American artist : Ceramics, Collage, Drawing, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Video

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